Academy District 20 offers Parent Academy topics free to the public throughout the fall and spring semesters. Internet Safety, Suicide Prevention, and New Parent Orientation are among the courses.

If You Can Name It, You Can Tame ItMaureen Lang and Clark Maxon, Learning Services4/11/2017 6:30 PMEAC, 1110 Chapel Hills Drive, Spruce I & IIParents of pre-K to 12th grade studentsWEBINAR

There's nothing like a NO (especially uttered in a loud challenging voice, accompanied by a stamping foot, and in front of others) to provoke a parent!  Eye rolls, snide remarks, comments muttered quietly, and doors being slammed tend to trigger a storm of emotions in parents and children alike.  But getting caught up in the storm doesn't help it to pass and can actually make it worse.  Experts agree staying calm helps you to ignore the bait and end the backtalk/banter. Easier said than done, right?

This webinar will provide information on tips and tools to stay out of the storm and help our children learn to communicate more respectfully and effectively.

In addition, facilitators will answer questions from the webinar audience at the end of the session.

Space for the webinar is limited to the first 500 participants. The webinar will be recorded if parents are unable to join the webinar at the designated time.

Registrants for this Parent Academy will receive an email one day prior to the webinar with the log in information.

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