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School Choice students.

In Colorado, families may participate in School Choice, a process that allows students to apply to any K-12 Colorado school. If you would like to send your student to any school other than your assigned school, you must submit a School Choice Application between January and February.

Applying for School Choice

School Choice applications are accepted via an online form, which will be made available during the School Choice window. Our Central Registry Office reviews all completed applications and notifies acceptance or non-acceptance via email in early April.

Applications are not considered on a first-come-first-serve basis, rather priority is given in this order:

  1. In-district families with siblings already attending the choice school;
  2. In-district families with no siblings attending the choice school;
  3. Out-of-district employee children;
  4. Returning out-of-district students;
  5. New out-of-district students.

*If more students apply than available seats, a lottery is held by priority category. Students are accepted based on space availability.

*School Choice is not available at application schools such as: Aspen Valley, The Village and charter schools 

Choosing the right school for your child.

Finding the right choice for your student is easy. Compare our schools and their programs by using our School Directory Tool. You may also attend a School Choice information session . We encourage you to list your top two school choices in your online application.

Central Registry

Central Registry is the central location for all new student enrollments, address changes, and choice enrollment.

Central Registry

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Education and Administration Center
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