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Yes. Transportation fees may be paid using credit or debit cards at www.payforit.net (there is a 2.5 percent convenience fee charged  by PayForIt). 
Transportation fees may be paid in person at the Education and Administration Center (1110 Chapel Hills Drive) or at the transportation department (7408-A Duryea Drive) during regular business hours. Checks, cash, or credit cards are accepted.
American Express cards are not accepted..
No. Bus drivers cannot accept any form of payment for bus rides. Students that have not paid for a bus ride will never be refused a ride to school. The 20Ride office will contact households that have unpaid riders using school bus service.
Yes. Payments for multiple students can be made at one time.
The procedure for verifying ridership has not changed. Parents/guardians should contact the Transportation Department at (719) 234-1410 to verify if a student has used the school bus that day.

Students designated as free/reduced can be exempt from transportation fees if they have completed an opt-in form designating transportation as a related program to be included in their status. A current information release and opt-in form must be on file for that student for fee exemption.

Release forms are available through the following methods:
- The district help desk can email a copy of the form to parents. Contact the help desk at help@asd20.org or (719) 234-1777
- The opt-in form is available at schools. Once completed, the school will send the from to the Finance department.
- The form is available for download from the district website. Go to www.asd20.org, click ‘Menus’ on the dialpad, click ‘Free and Reduced Meals’ on the menu to the left.

Once the form is completed:
- If filled out at the school, they will forward the form to Finance.
- It can be faxed to (719) 234-1408.
- It can be scanned and emailed to kim.price@asd20.org
- It can be mailed to:
              Kim Price, Free and Reduced Meal Registrar
              ASD20 Business Services
              1110 Chapel Hills Dr.
              Colorado Springs, CO 80920
SPED students that have ‘Transportation’ designated as a related service on their IEP do not need to pay any fee to use school bus service.
Students designated as ESL/ELL are handled on a case by case basis. Some students may be exempt from transportation fees depending on the type of program they are enrolled in and the school they are attending.
No. There is no charge for students riding a school bus for field trips or athletic activities, ROTC shuttle service, or Area Vocational Program shuttle service.

The 20Ride program has fee limits based on families having four students or less. The fee limits are set as follows:
- Families with in-district neighborhood students will not pay more than $200 per family per semester.
- Families with in-district choice students will not pay more than $240 per family per semester.
- Families with out-of-district choice students will not pay more than $280 per family per semester.

Families must pay 20Ride Semester fees on a per-student basis. If you feel the total amount paid for bus service has exceeded the established family maximum, please contact the Finance department at (719) 234-1281 to arrange a payment adjustment
​In District: Eligible neighborhood and choice students will be automatically assigned to the appropriate stop nearest your address.  It will be visible on the Extended Parent Portal Bus Routing link starting August 1 each year.

Out of District: You may request an existing stop within the district- see "Space Available Request" 
Yes. Bus routes are planned to accommodate occasional riders. Very rarely do buses reach full capacity. Should that occur, spare buses are sent out immediately to transport the remaining students.
 Only specific elementary and middle schools within District 20 qualify for choice bus transportation.  A list of qualifying schools can be found on the Transportation website page.
No. Your student only needs to ride on the days you wish to use bus service. The decision depends entirely on you and your family’s needs. You do not have to call to inform us if your student is not riding the bus unless your student is assigned to a SPED bus.
No. Refunds cannot be issued for Transportation purchases.
​Students living in the school neighborhood but outside the "walk zone" are eligible for bus transportation.  The Board approved walk zone is 1.5 miles for elementary students and 1.75 miles for middle & high school students.
​District 20 provides choice stops at various locations throughout the district for choice-enrolled students, usually at or near an elementary school.  Choice busing is considered a shared responsibility between families & Transportation, so there is no guarantee of walkable distance.  Choice stop locations may change year-to-year dependent on student demographics.  Choice students are assigned automatically to the closest stop.
No. Transportation service is dictated by district policy set in place by the board of education. Checking your students extended parent portal will help you determine if your student has qualified for school bus service. Most schools have a defined walk-to-school zone and a defined attendance zone. Most students that live in the attendance zone of their school but outside the walk-to-school zone will qualify for school bus service. Some exceptions to this rule are:
- Charter schools and on-line schools within District 20 do not qualify for regular bus service.
- Choice bus transportation is provided to some elementary and middle schools. Choice school bus transportation is not provided for high school students.
- Choice transportation at the middle school and elementary school level is limited to the schools listed in the Parent Information Guide.
If you need assistance determining whether your student is eligible for school bus service, please call the Transportation Department at (719) 234-1410.
Your students bus number, stop location, and pick-up/drop-off times will be posted on the Extended Parent Portal. To access your Extended Parent Portal, go to www.asd20.org, click the 'Logins' button in the center of the dialpad, select 'Extended Parent Portal' from the available links., then click on the Bus Routing Tab.
Transportation fees can be paid at the Education and Administration Center (1110 Chapel Hills Dr.), paid on-line using PayForIt on District 20's website,  or at the Transportation Department (7408 Duryea Dr.) during regular business hours. The transportation department shoud be used as a final option only. Single-ride ticket packs are also available at these locations as well as the front desk of any school.
You can request a copy of your payment receipt by contacting the 20Ride Registrar at (719) 234-1414 or emailing 20Ride@asd20.org. You may also contact the Finance Department at (719) 234-1281.
The decision to implement a fee-based transportation service was a carefully thought out process that began in September of 2010. District 20 has no plans to eliminate school bus service. Due to cuts in state funding over the last several years we have had to make decisions to offset the costs of several district programs including transportation. Our primary goal with implementing a transportation fee is tokeep budget cuts away from classrooms.