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 Talented & Gifted, Enrichment, and Foreign Exchange

​Gifted Education Program Belief Statement

The Academy District 20 Gifted Education Program is dedicated to excellence by maximizing the potential and meeting the exceptional educational and affective needs of identified gifted students from diverse populations.  The Academy District 20 Gifted Education Program provides gifted students opportunities for intellectual challenge, engaging enrichments, and dynamic programming resulting in maximum growth.  We strive to inspire creativity, passion for learning, leadership, and social responsibility. ​ ​

Updated October 2015
Gifted education is based upon the individual needs and characteristics of gifted students in grades K-12.
Dr. Ruthi Manning-Freeman
Assistant Director for Learning Services
Marie Sanabria
Administrative Secretary
  • The key to teaching the wide range of talented and gifted students is to focus upon the student’s individual needs.  This may require the use of a variety of approaches.
  • Special sub-populations, i.e., learning disabled and profoundly gifted, have unique curricular needs.
  • Programming services range from full participation in the regular classroom to partial pull-out opportunities.
  • Programming options include enrichment and acceleration of the regular classroom curriculum, mentorships, independent studies, seminars, Honors classes, Advanced Placement classes, and university level classes.
Academy District 20 uses Colorado State and nationally accepted criteria for identifying talented and gifted students.
  • The district uses a body of evidence for identification which includes achievement assessments, ability assessments, student products, parent recommendations, teacher recommendations, and classroom observation of students.
Each school is given the flexibility to deliver programs which meet the students' needs.
  • The role of the TAG resource teacher or facilitator is to advocate for the needs of the talented and gifted students in his/her building.
  • School resources are utilized to deliver the appropriate curriculum to talented and gifted students and to work with general education teachers as they support gifted learners in their classrooms.
Academy District 20 sees the continued need for coordination among the elementary, middle, and high school programs which includes:
  • Staff development specific to TAG student needs
  • Communication among all instructional levels
  • Programming appropriate to each grade level


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