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Learning Services Goals | Academy District

 Learning Services Goals

  1. Lead efforts to increase co-teaching in general education classrooms.
  2. Improve communication from SPED team to principals.
  3. Increase staff's understanding and usage of accommodations and modifications.
  4. Implement the recommendations of the 504 Program Evaluation Review Team.
  5. Develop a translation plan for all Academy 20 schools and departments.
  6. Begin planning and developing ELL professional learning courses for teacher recertification.
  7. Support principals with the development of professional plans.
  8. Create a new standards implementation plan for 2018-2021.
  9. Unpack the new science standards and analyze the current science kit model.
  10. Support schools with the implementation of PLC's.
  11. Provide depth and complexity professional learning for school staff.
  12. Ensure the successful implementation of the new partnership with the Kennedy Center.
  13. Partner and collaborate with the DIS Team to support 20Learn.
  14. Learning Services team members utilize 20Learn by developing courses.
  15. Develop and implement Performance Matters as the new professional learning course management system.
  16. Pilot AMP as a local assessment tool to determine the effectiveness.