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Feeder Schools

 Feeder System Process

Feeder Systems for Assigned School Attendance - Once you enroll in a school, that school becomes your assigned school regardless of where you live and you forfeit any spot you previously held at any other District 20 school.

Resident Students: Once a resident student is assigned to a given school, then that student will attend the subsequent schools in the feeder strand (see the feeder strand links below) until such time a choice application is submitted during a subsequent choice window and is approved.

Non-Resident Students: Non-resident students will remain at that school for the duration of that level (elementary, middle or high), unless the student’s enrollment is withdrawn (including expulsion). All non-resident students must submit a choice application during the choice window for the level transition (5th to 6th grade or 8th to 9th grade).

 Feeder Schools

Not all Academy 20 Schools/Programs are a part of the Choice process.  Specialty schools like Preschool, Aspen Valley Campus, Home School Academy and Academy Online have different enrollment requirements.