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Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

 Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Have we missed the registration deadline?

No. Academy District 20 has continuous registration. Once a family has established residency in the district, the registration process may begin.
What is necessary to establish residency in Academy District 20?
Acceptable means of address verification are as follows: warranty deed, bill of sale or settlement statement from closing, current El Paso County property tax notice, current rental agreement, quarters assignment lease from the United States Air Force Academy Housing Office, or signed contract stating your name, closing date, and the property address.
What records are needed to register my child in Academy District 20? Is there a fee?
Parents/guardians must provide acceptable address verification (see above), registered county birth certificate, immunization record, custody documentation if the student does not reside with both biological parents, and Individual Education Plan if the student has one. There is no fee.
How can I find out more information about Academy District 20 schools, registration information,  choice information, school hours, etc?

Please check our enrollment area for more detailed information and check each school’s website. 

What about previous school records?
We will send for student records. It is helpful to have the address of your child’s previous school. If you do not have the former school information, public school information is available through the National Public School Locater 
How do I change my address if I move? Does my child have to change schools if I stay in Academy District 20 but move to another attendance area within the district?
An official change of address must be made through Central Registry at 1110 Chapel Hills Drive. Please complete the Change of Address Form and bring it to Central Registry with an acceptable form of verification for the new address: warranty deed, bill of sale or settlement statement from closing, current El Paso County property tax notice, current rental agreement, quarters assignment lease from the United States Air Force Academy Housing Office, or signed contract stating your name, closing date, and the property address.  Your child does not have to change schools, however, transportation to 
the school may not be provided.
My child wants to participate in sports. What do I need to do?
All students participating in intramural and interscholastic athletics/activities need to have physicals. If your student attends at least three credit-bearing classes per semester at one of our secondary schools that offers the desired sport, then we recommend that you contact the athletic director at the school to determine participation requirements well in advance of the desired season of participation. If your student does not attend one of our secondary schools, attends fewer than three credit-bearing classes per semester, or attends a school that does not offer the desired sport, then we recommend that you submit a request for participation (available by calling 719-234-1270)
Kindergarten registration and choice information meetings
The Choice Enrollment Window will be from early January through late February.
Dates, times and locations for the kindergarten registration and choice information meetings will be determined in December. This information will be published in local newspapers, school newsletters, and on the district website calendar. For more information, contact Central Registry at 234-1224 or fax: 234-1286.
What are the immunization requirements for Kindergarten students?
Immunizations are an important part of health care. Colorado law recommends children attending childcare or preschool are vaccinated to prevent vaccine preventable diseases. More about Immunization requirements and Policies