Welcome Walk Through

Whether you are a new parent to Academy District 20 or not, there may be actions you need to take regarding your parent accounts.   When information about you or your household changes, we depend on you to make the updates through your accounts.  This way your student's school can contact you when needed.  Also, you won't miss any information sent by the 20Alert system.



 Click on the action for additional information and instructions.

​ ​

Step 1:

Infinite Campus Login Page

​ ​Infinite Campus (IC) Portal Actions

The first time you login, you must complete Step 1 and Step 2.


Create or Reset Parent/Guardian Infinite Campus (IC) Portal Password​



  • If you have a new account your login, use the username & password from the registration receipt.
  • If you account has been reset, use the temporary password that you were provided.

​Step 2:


Creating or Updating IC Account Recovery Email



​This security feature must be set up for a new account. 

​Step 3:

Extended Parent Portal Login Page

​ ​Extended Parent Portal Actions

To complete actions in the Extended Parent Portal you must be:

  • logging in with your IC Parent Portal username and password.
  • able to successfully login to your IC Parent Portal. 
  • a member of a student's household in our system. 
These actions can be done in any order.  ALL new students must have a password set by a parent/guardian.


Academy District 20 encourages the information in the Extended Parent Portal  be reviewed at the beginning of each school year for accuracy.

​Create or Reset Student Password


New student enrollments for the 2017-2018 school year must complete this action after July  1, 2017.



Review or Update Parent/Guardian Contact Information


​ ​Other actions that may be done from the Extended Parent Portal:
  • update/verify emergency contact information
  • update/verify choices to student documents and agreements
  • submit a space available request  to transportation
  • update/verify physician contact information
  • update/verify after school instructions or vehicle information

​ Step 4: 

            ​Parent Tools

​Learn more about communication from Academy District 20 and tools available to parents/guardians.