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 Message from the Chief Information Officer

Safeguarding the privacy and security of student data is a top priority for Academy District 20. We have implemented a multidimensional approach to protecting student data including:
  • Independent security assessments
  • Network, hardware and software protections
  • Educating our staff and students about how we protect data
  • Ongoing reviews of the data we collect and how it’s used
  • Limiting access to data based on staff role/responsibility
  • Required data privacy provisions in vendor contracts

That strategy is rooted in a commitment to serving students and our community. Protecting student data is also the law. As we implement the Student Data Transparency and Security Act, we will update this website with more information about our vendors, their contracts and school service providers, along with the terms of service and/or privacy policy.

Shelley Kooser- Chief Information Officer
Student Data Transparency and Security Act
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