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Superintendent Initiatives | Academy District 20

Superintendent Initiatives

Dr. Mark Hatchell

  1. READ Plan Reduction
    Reduce the number of students identified as significantly reading deficient by 35%. 

  2. Achievement Gap
    Continue to close the achievement gap for targeted subgroup populations. 

  3. Building Program
    Make significant progress on executing projects associated with Board Resolution 205-16, to include completion of projects identified with the Series 2017 ($160m) and Series 2018 bonds ($8.975m). 

  4. Career Pathways
    Program and curricula development for building trades, automotive, and teacher cadet programs for future implementation. 

  5. Infuse Digital Agency
    Strengthen stakeholder participation through the implementation of transformative systems including Workday, Schoology, and Online Student Registration. 

  6. Work Based Learning
    Develop opportunities to engage in career exploration through internships, apprenticeships, and job shadowing.

  7. Social Emotional Learning
    Lead efforts to improve social emotional learning and well-being of PK-12 students and staff.

  8. Digital Communication Accessibility
    Create a plan that addresses training to ensure all district and school level digital communications can be easily accessed and interacted with by all members of our community. 

  9. District Website
    Relaunch asd20.org and refine content for school websites.