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District Accountability Committee | Academy District 20

​District Accountability Committee (DAC)

The District Accountability Committee is a collaboration of district employees and community members. 

Their charge is to: 
  1. recommend to the board priorities for spending school district moneys, after consultation with the school accountability committees of the school district
  2. advise the school board concerning preparation of the district’s improvement plan, based on the school district’s accreditation category review charter school applications
  3. evaluate the accreditation process for district and for each school
  4. supervise a budget subcommittee which informs the district's budget  process
  5. review site plans and School Improvement Plans in effort to increase graduation rates, improve student achievement, and ensure standards are met for accreditation
  6. provide recommendations on an advisory basis to principals on academic growth as it relates to teacher evaluations
  7. consider input and recommendations from school accountability committees
  8. provide input, creation and enforcement of the districts discipline code
  9. increase parental engagement (especially among diverse and underrepresented populations) 

The DAC meets monthly, if you are interested in joining the committee please contact your school’s principal. 

District Accountability Documents

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