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Boundary Committee


The Academy District 20 Boundary Committee, formed by Superintendent Dr. Mark Hatchell, studies the current district enrollment boundaries and prospective boundaries needed because of new school construction.

The committee began its work in February 2017 and aims to be completed by fall 2017. Members consist of Academy District 20 teachers and staff, as well as parents, students and community partners.

The group will use a collaborative input model to make boundary recommendations to the superintendent and then the Academy District 20 Board of Education will make a final decision.

Final Recommendations of the Boundary Committee

Boundary Recommendations by Year: 


Email Boundary Committee Chair becky.allan@asd20.org

Last ​First ​Stakeholder Group
​Barr ​Janet ​Teacher - Elementary School
​Brigger ​Lisa ​Classified Staff Member
​Chambre ​Aline ​Parent - High School
​Craft ​Levka ​Assistant Principal - High School
​Cutler ​Stephen ​D20 Non-Parent Patron
​Dunn ​Hannah ​Student - Grade 10
​Gaines ​Stephen ​Parent - High School
​Harvey ​Brookelyn ​Student - Grade 11
​Henneman ​Heather ​Parent - Elementary School, Parent Sounding Board Member
​Hogan ​Joshua ​Student - Grade 11
​Horn ​Charlotte ​Classified Staff Member
​Jones ​Dwight ​Parent - Middle School
​Kasunick ​Tracy ​Parent - Elementary School
​Larmour ​Kendra ​Teacher - Middle School
​Lundberg ​Doug ​Parent - High School
​Nambiar ​Keshav ​Student - Grade 10
​Olson ​Laura ​Parent - Elementary School, District Accountability Committee Member
​Pace ​Heidi ​D20 Non-Parent Patron
​Paulson ​Susan ​Principal - Elementary School
​Ruybal ​Martin ​Parent - Middle School
​Smith ​Brett ​Principal - Middle School
​Tucker ​Michelle ​Teacher - High School
​West ​John ​Parent - Middle School
​Allan ​Becky ​Facilitator, Executive Director for Learning Services
Ad Hoc Members ​ ​
​Cortez ​Allison ​Director for Communications
​Cuthbertson ​Eileen ​Executive Secretary
​Gregory ​Tom ​Deputy Superintendent/Chief Fiscal Officer or designee
​Hardin ​Cindy ​Director for Transportation or designee
​Judy ​Susan ​Supervisor for Central Registry
​Reitwiesner ​Henry ​Executive Director for Building Fund or designee
​Richardson ​Pat ​Director for Legal Relations


​Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

February 9, 2017​
EAC, Spruce 1​
Agenda   Minutes Documents
February 23, 2017
EAC, Willow
Agenda Minutes Documents
March 9, 2017
EAC, Spruce 1​
​Agenda Minutes Documents
March 21, 2017
EAC, Spruce 1​
Agenda Minutes Documents
April 13, 2017
EAC, Spruce 1​
​Agenda Minutes Documents
April 25, 2017
EAC, Spruce 1
 ​ ​
​Agenda Minutes Documents
May 10, 2017
EAC, Willow
​Agenda Minutes Documents
June 8, 2017
EAC, Spruce 1
​ ​
Agenda Minutes  Documents
​August 10, 2017
EAC, Spruce 1
Agenda Minutes  Documents
August 24, 2017
EAC, Spruce 1
Agenda  Minutes Documents
September 19, 2017
EAC Spruce 2
​Agenda Minutes Documents