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Discovery Canyon Campus Elementary

Discovery Canyon Campus Elementary School

1810 Northgate Blvd., Colorado Springs

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Project Details

Project Manager Matt Hood

Scope of Work

Fairness Formula Projects - $182,679

The School Site Improvement Committee identified fairness formula projects - a list of recommended projects. The list will be prioritized and completed as budget allows.
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
    • Mounted stools for bathrooms
    • Purchase risers
    • Bulletin board and tack strips
    • Replace document cameras
    • Replace chairs and desks that do not match, provide new furniture for additional staff members, purchase locking storage units for maker-space materials
  • Library storage room - add ventilation to create habitable space (classroom)
  • Audio / Visual - Sound enhancement system for every classroom

Technology Infrastructure

  • Replace hardware that enables wired and wireless connections to the Internet.
  • Replace security cameras

‚ÄčCompleted Projects

  • Library storage room - added ventilation to create a habitable classroom space
  • Mounted stepstools for bathrooms
  • Installed bulletin board and tack strips
  • Installed storage cabinets in library
  • Sound enhancement system installed
  • Security cameras replaced
  • Audio updates in cafetorium completed
  • New cabinets in classroom installed