​February 1, 2017Academy District 20 selected 27 residents of the district to serve on the district’s Boundary Committee​
​January 30, 2017Brian Cortez named Budget and Finance Analyst for bond projects. ​
​January 19, 2017Kris Garnhart named the Director for Building Fund Contracting and Procurement.​
​January 2, 2017Henry P. Reitwiesner named Executive Director 
​December 22, 2016​At the end of December, we received our Moody's credit report and are excited to share we earned a rating of "enhanced Aa2." This rating means the District does not need to purchase insurance to improve our rating as we have had to do in the past. In 2010 the District was upgraded to Aa2 rating, but without the "enhanced" designation. Now we are "enhanced" and one step closer to the highest rating held by a Colorado school district, Aa3 (just one step above Aa2).