Support for Resolution 205-16 Establishing Expenditures for the Bond Election of

November 8, 2016


WHEREAS, the Academy District 20 commissioned a Growth and Capital Needs Committee (GCNC) to study the district's capital and facility needs; and,

WHEREAS, the GCNC submitted a report of recommendations detailing capital projects based on a review of district facilities, projections for enrollment growth, and financial considerations; and,

WHEREAS, the GCNC understands that, as a result of state legislative action, Academy District 20 has received nearly $150 million less through state funding over the last six years than statutory finance formulas were supposed to provide and that this practice is expected to continue; and,

WHEREAS, the district has grown by nearly 7,000 students since the last bond election in 2001 and is conservatively projected to grow by another 5,000 students (1.5% annually) in the next eight to ten years; and, 

WHEREAS, the GCNC estimates that elementary, middle, and high school capacities in rapid growth areas of the district have or will soon exceed enrollment capacities; and the Challenger Learning Center, Home School Academy, Academy On-line High School, Academy Calvert K-8

On-line, and Robotics programs all need permanent classroom space or more classroom space; and the School in the Woods houses students in an aging structure of connected modular buildings; the GCNC recommended constructing two new elementary schools, one new middle school, one new high school, classroom additions to Liberty High School, significant remodels of Air Academy High School, a center for innovative learning to house many of the above programs, a permanent building for School in the Woods, and significant capital improvements to every district school; and,

WHEREAS, the GCNC noted that Air Academy High School and Challenger Middle School are in need of significant renovation because of age and condition, Douglass Valley Elementary School is in need of air conditioning, district stadiums need improvements and enhanced Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access, elementary and middle schools require safety and security improvements, and other schools require various other improvements; and 

WHEREAS, the district's technology infrastructure requires updating to meet current and future demands for access, reliability, and bandwidth, the GCNC recommended improvements to wiring/cabling, bandwidth, extensions of fiber to Black Forest unconnected schools, replacement of major software programs, and enhancing data security; and,

WHEREAS, every school community convened a committee to review and recommend projects to improve their school facility for students, including but not limited to updating/remodeling restrooms; replacing student furniture, equipment, and improving classroom flexibility; replacing flooring; remodeling libraries; and improving grounds; the GCNC recommended a fairness formula to give each school community access to capital funding to allow for such improvements; and,

WHEREAS, a third party audit of all district facilities was performed early in 2016 which identified needs regarding safety, compliance with the ADA, roofs, boilers, parking lots, grounds, electrical, and plumbing, the GCNC recommended addressing the highest priority needs of the audit; and,

WHEREAS, The Classical Academy requires updates, additions, and improvements to the facilities they own, the Board of Education recommends providing 9.15% of the district's bond proceeds for necessary improvements at The Classical Academy; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education recognizes the need for both additional high school capacity and significant improvements, repairs, and upgrades to existing elementary, middle, and high school buildings, but the board finds it unfeasible to construct a new high school and still meet the needs of existing schools, the Board of Education recommends increasing capacities at existing high schools; and 

WHEREAS, the Board of Education has elected to identify a contingency reserve of one percent for unforeseen or unanticipated needs, and 

WHEREAS, upon successful passage of the bond question on November 8, 2016, the Board of Education will convene a Bond Oversight Committee composed of Academy District 20 parents, patrons, business owners, and staff; directs the Superintendent to appoint a Building Fund Management Team to oversee and manage bond projects; and directs the Superintendent to convene a committee of representative stakeholders to study school boundaries and feeder systems in light of new construction and new development; 

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Academy District 20 Board of Education supports the expenditure, oversight, and program administration recommendations identified above and further delineated on the following pages, and upon successful passage of the bond question by registered voters of the district in November 2016, the Board of Education will proceed with implementation of the recommendations as follows: