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School Wide Activities for Veterans


Eagleview Middle School

Start Time

11/12/2018 12:00 AM

End Time

11/12/2018 11:59 PM


Eagleview Middle School has the following Veterans Day activities planned:

6th Grade: Using patriotic stationary students will write thank you letters to veterans. Students will have the option of giving the letters to a veteran they know or sending them the Veterans Hospital.

7th Grade: Our 7th grade students on the Burgundy Team will be learning about the history of Veterans Day through an Escape Room activity. The Maroon Team will be analyzing the painting A Veteran in the Field and completing comprehension activities. All of the students on the Academy Arts Academy will be writing thank you letters to veterans.

8th Grade: The 8th grade Academy Arts Academy will be studying public war memorials. They will explore the visuals of classical architecture, abstract forms of art and the representational metaphors of the memorials. Students will analyze and discuss the famous painting Reflections by Lee Teter. Finally, they will have a choice of one of the following: writing a letter to a person they found on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, writing a letter to someone they know personally, write a detailed short story based on the painting Reflections, or design a memorial for the National Mall. The Burgundy Team will be working on a Think-Pair-Share activity on the origins of Veterans Day along with a short reading activity.

School Wide: Student Council is organizing an activity for the entire school. The week before Veterans Day blank stars will be given to all Eagle Time teachers. Students will decorate the star with the name, rank, and branch of military someone they know has served. The stars will be on display in the hallways the week of Veterans Day.



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