District Schedule:Normal
Superintendent:  Dr. Mark Hatchell  mark.hatchell@asd20.org  719-234-1200 ​
Deputy Superintendent/CFO: Tom Gregory   tom.gregory@asd20.org  719-234-1200
Assistant Superintendent Administrative Services: ​Jim Smith jim.smith@asd20.org 719-234-1200
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources:     Dr. David Peak david.peak@asd20.org   719-234-1238
Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services: Dr. Susan Field   susan.field@asd20.org  719-234-1314
Chief Information Officer:    Shelley Kooser  shelley.kooser@asd20.org 719-234-1200
Executive Director for Security and Transportation: Brian Grady brian.grady@asd20.org 719-234-1200
Director of Communication ​Allison Cortez  allison.cortez@asd20.org  719-234-1200

Academy School District Twenty
1110 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Fax 719-234-1299
Help Desk 719-234-1777