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 Higher Education Admissions Requirements (HEAR)

MP900411749.JPGIn 2003 Colorado established Higher Education Admissions Requirements for students who plan to attend any of Colorado’s public four-year colleges or universities.  Private colleges and universities set their own admissions standards; students should contact those institutions directly for information regarding their policies. Public two-year colleges (e.g., Pikes Peak Community College) have open enrollment policies, meaning that students applying to these schools do not need to meet the following admissions requirements. 
Students planning to attend a four-year college or university in Colorado will need to complete certain classes in order to fulfill HEAR. Additionally, students will need to find out from the colleges to which they are applying what GPA and ACT or SAT scores they require and if there are other courses outside of HEAR that must also be completed for admission. HEAR have been established in addition to the Admissions Eligibility Index (which can be found online at http://highered.colorado.gov/Publications/Policies/Current/i-partf-index.pdf.)
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